Reasons for a referral


Do you know a child who?

Is not realising their full potential - academically, or socially?

Has nightmares or has disturbed sleep?

Is at risk of being/is excluded from school?

Struggles with mental health issues?

Has suffered trauma?

Has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse?

Is adopted or fostered or in the process of being?

Has separated/divorced parents and struggling to cope?

Suffers from anxiety, stress or phobias?

Has suffered a loss or bereavement of any kind?

Is withdrawn or continually unhappy?

Is ill or disabled?

Finds it difficult to make friends?

Quarrels frequently with peers or siblings?

Bullies others or is bullied themselves?

Displays inappropriate behaviour?

Doesn't play?  

Has emotional and behavioural problems?

Has communication problems?

Has Aspergers or autism?

Has delayed language or delayed play development?

Has attachment Issues?