Theraplay Family Therapy 

Theraplay is a form of focused family therapy between parents/ carers and their child.  The goal of Theraplay is to help children recover from their traumatic experiences and to feel safe enough to be able to develop secure, nurturing and healthy attachments. Theraplay sessions are typically offered to one family at a time, but can also be adapted to work with multiple families in a group setting.  Theraplay particularly helps children in Cornwall who have conduct disorders, post traumatic stress and attachment issues, amongst others.  Behavioural and emotional issues can also be alleviated, alongside parental concerns.  Arguably, the most effective use of Theraplay is with either Adoptive parents or Foster carers in Cornwall with their child; particularly when the child may have experienced complex developmental trauma or adverse childhood experiences.  Playful games are used to develop family relationships and build secure attachments. 

The child's early experience of relationships may make it difficult to trust the adults that take care of them.  Children may have experienced neglect, abuse, loss, separation or multiple carers which could be associated with early trauma.  These issues could affect their ability to form stable attachments.  Therefore, these children may have developed patterns of behaviour that have resulted from their survival strategy and thus had to be self reliant and may try to control others in inappropriate ways. They may also go into 'fight, flight or freeze' in seemingly unreasonable ways which could be linked to 'Attachment disorders' which have many similar symptoms to other diagnoses such as ASD and ADHD.  

All in all, Theraplay Family therapy in Cornwall helps the child to experience a positive view of themselves, others and the world around them. Theraplay develops healthy family interaction and healthy attachment. Children will develop a capacity to develop trust in positive relationships and a capacity to regulate emotions.  Theraplay services are typically offered in areas of Cornwall such as Newquay, Truro, Bodmin, St Austell and surrounding areas.  Foster carers and adoptive parents may be experiencing Compassion fatigue and Theraplay in Cornwall can alleviate some of the issues associated with 'Compassion fatigue' and can help attachment disorders.  We are here to provide family support in Cornwall.